Coaching through Life's Transitions

- with the heart of a midwife -

There comes a time when we are ready to birth ourselves into new ways of feeling & being in the world.

I Understand. I’ve Been Where You Are. Your Time  Has Come.

Hello, I’m Jharna.

Mother, Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Midwife, and a Psychiatric and Addictions Registered Nurse.

I am passionate about building a collaborative bridge and simple pathway to joy, fulfillment and success. For over 30 years I have aligned that passion into my career as a community based  homebirth midwife as well as  25 years as a psychiatric triage nurse.

I believe in meeting you where you are, assessing the next steps to where you want to be, and guiding you through the vulnerable transition of re-invention of self.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing and participating in the transformation and integration of a desired outcome.

Jharna Ahmai

Transform the life you dream of, into the life you actually live.

It can feel monumental and overwhelming when trying to figure out and begin the steps needed to embody that life.  When I was ready, I too sought mentors to guide and coach me to the next re-invention of my own life. We all need a guide to hold our vision while we walk our own journey. Let's do this together.

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Together we identify how to transition through the barriers of harmonizing the life you live and embodying the life you dream of living. We dive deep into the root of conception. We explore your beliefs, focusing on your mindset, while clarifying your vision, goals, and desired outcomes.

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Simple, individualized strategies  to navigate you through whatever challenge you are approaching. We build on tools of positive habits to support your outcome, giving you the ability to organize and prepare for the next steps towards manifesting a successful YOU.

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You are ready. You are on the final leg of your epic journey to birthing yourself. Just as a midwife cannot do the work for a birthing woman, this is your time to ground your new unwavering beliefs, align with your goals, implement your strategies and manifest the life you have envisioned.

Your dreams are worth manifesting

Start your JOURNEY towards Birthing YourSelf.

Birth YourSelf life coaching

""We all need a midwife, not to do our work for us, but to see us naked and call us beautiful. To acknowledge we are more than a vessel. To witness our power and remind us when we have forgotten what we can do.""

- Emily Graham